About us

The CKcoprs is a programmer team from Subotica which consist of two members, but depends on greatness of the job it can take even more people to work. We can communicate with our clients in English, Hungarian and Serbian.

We can customize the whole website absolutely on you needs, that's why we can create everything on the client's wish. In our work we use the “clear coding” principle, what means that we are trying our best on the way of precision, transparency and object-oriententation, because if our clients want to update, change or broaden his page, this can be easily done from our code.

Every done job did by us has it's 3-month-guarantee period, in which we ensure you about eveything, and if something went wrong, we fix you free the bug (this free-insurance doesn't concern to expanding or updating your new page)!

Our goal is, that from our reliability gain a lot of client that return to us because they are satisfied with our works and therefrom we outgrow ourselves to a big programming company in the future.

What can we undertake

  • >   Full website creation
  • >   Database creation
  • >   Webpage modify
  • >   Administration
  • >   Website hosting and operating
  • >   Website expansion
  • >   Logo design

What can we offer

  • >   Responsive design
  • >   Modern appearance
  • >   Clear user interface
  • >   Competitive site
  • >   Easy operation
  • >   Expandability
  • >   Safety
  • >   Encrypted database
  • >   SEO optimized webpage
  • >   SEO optimized links
  • >   Admin interface
  • >   Documentation
  • >   Guarantee

What kind of technologies, programming languages and frameworks do we use?

[ ] HTML(5)
[ ] CSS(3)
[ ] Bootstrap(4)
[ ] JavaScript
[ ] jQuerry
[ ] Ajax
[ ] PHP(7)
[ ] mySQL
[ ] WordPress

Questions & answers

What can I do, if I want to use your services?
> Contact us on email, Skype, Viber, phone, Discord or on Facebook. After contacting personal meeting is also possible.

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We will answer you here, it is important to provide the ACCURATE address!

If you have been unable to reach us, you can contact us at the following phone numbers:
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